Gold Resonance offers a range of voice over services to suit your commercial, artistic or education needs. Not sure exactly how long your project will take? Contact us for a hassle-free, no-obligation estimate. Got an idea but no script? Not a problem. Answer a few questions and we will get that script sorted for you.


Education is a growth industry, especially the online sector! Get started with your own training materials to showcase your teaching skills.


Does your mystery novel need a deep tone to convey threat? Does your romantic comedy need a light-hearted voice? Maybe your family epic needs a touch of melodramatic flair. Whatever your needs, we have the right tones for you.


5-second jingles, 15-second adverts and 30-second commercials are the bread and butter of online and radio marketing. Get your product or service ahead of the competition with a professional voice over.

Let’s listen, together.

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